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Search Engine Optimization is something I was informed about but not something I dove into. But as I began deploying applications it's something I realized is very important to an application in production. Along the way, there were some key HTML tags that when optimized and used to their fullest drastically increase your web application visibility on search engines.

1. Title Tag

This one may seem pretty obvious but there is a ton of power in this first tag on our listen that we can optimize for better results. At a superficial level, this tag reflects the content of the article itself. Some…

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This is an architectural style that I have become more acquainted with as I have been learning about the different services and applications inside AWS. It is definitely important as most Cloud-based applications suites use this style in production. The idea is to structure an application as a collection of small autonomous services modeled around a business domain.

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Going into development has been a great experience and customizing my editor has definitively increased my productivity. Below is a shortlist of the extensions that helped me avoid spending hours because of simple typos that cause bugs.

1. Javascript (ES6) Code Snippets

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Moving closer to 2021 I thought it would be great to evaluate what tools I’ve been using to create new applications and work on older ones. Below are the standouts of what has really helped me create and program efficiently.


I think this is fairly self-explanatory as this is where my journey really began when I was able to use Git for version control.

With that, it's pretty common to also use GitHub for my remote code repository management.

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One thing that will slowly become very important the longer you develop is time complexity it can be complicated at a first glance but will gradually become easier the more you use it like everything else. I spent a great deal of time reading many articles watching tons of videos to fully comprehend the purpose of this formula. My intention is to simplify this concept as much as possible for anyone like me where it took some time for it to click.

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This week will be a quick tutorial on setting up Firebase authentication for your web application in place of authenticating on your own. Our first step is setting up a google account to use firebase if you already have a Gmail then you are already done as you can use that to access and work with Firebase.

  1. This part is pretty simple we are going to be creating a project in Firebase to house our backend and setup authentication via email and password.

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Firebase has been something I have been working with for some time and the platform has become my quickest go-to for creating web applications the notion of making your backend a service has quickly become a household idea. Removing the thought process of having to figure out how to store and configure data has opened up many new ideas on how your product can work. Firebase is generally best described as a platform with services and products for every need you may have in the web development ecosystem.

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In this segment, we will be talking about the web services Amazon provides for relational databases, containerization, and machine learning models. As you can see this part of the series is about storing and managing data overall. Of which Amazon has a large number of services for different things. But as stated I will try to keep it simple as some of these concepts were difficult for me to grasp as a newer developer and reading through Amazon's documentation didn't give the clarity I needed.

Relational Databases

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The future is in the clouds as they say. As I have been preparing for my AWS certification with the upcoming AWS re:Invent conference and the challenge material I thought it would be a great idea for newer developers like me to have a quick run-through of AWS in a quick two-part series. While you may never interact with the technical stack of AWS you will almost always use the design methods and application structure for any web application be it in-house or fully loaded and accessible in the cloud. These key concepts are important for any and all web…

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CRA was recently updated and like many other developers, we all had one question. What else can CRA do for me now before I start coding? In short, while this is a transitional release focused on under the hood performance there have been some really nice feature additions that make working with React even better.

Web App Improvements

CRA 4 added support for Workbox a google library that allows you to leverage preaching and runtime caching which lets your progressive web applications feel and even act like native applications. Another big performance grab is the addition of the library called Web Vitals. …

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